The `fear trade` is making gold look like a good investment again

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Plunging oil prices, rising market volatility, rising global debt-it’s all starting to advise some capitalists of 2008. Previously this month, billionaire former hedge fund supervisor George Soros cautioned of an approaching monetary situation similar to the last major one, which sent out shockwaves throughout international markets.

The comparisons to 2008 have activated gold’s Worry Profession, with lots of capitalists scrambling into safe sanctuary possessions. Jeffrey Gundlach, the legendary ‘bond king,’ lately telephoned that amidst further market turmoil, the steel could surge as much as 30 percent, to $1,400 an ounce.

Making such forecasts is frequently a fool’s online game, yet there’s no turned downing for that gold need gets on the surge, both in the U.S. and also abroad. For the one-month duration finished January 20, gold (and also silver) surpassed, pleasantly beating residential equities as well as a basket of various other commodities.

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I have actually currently provided you the truth that gold has traditionally had a low correlation with equities. This point is worth restating: When equities have zigged, gold has zagged. And also with volatility high in global markets today, several investors are preferring to turn a portion of their profiles into the priceless metal.

This was the advice of my close friend Marc Faber, that lately warned financiers in his prominent ‘Gloom, Boom as well as Doom Record’ e-newsletter that global stocks could possibly fall an extra 40 percent on mounting liquidity and debt problems. In case such a crisis occurs, Marc states, buying gold-which, once more, has actually been revealed to be vice versa associated with stocks-might be one means to safeguard one’s wealth.

I have actually always recommended a 10 percent weighting in gold: 5 percent in physical bullion, the other 5 percent in gold stocks or stock funds. This uses in all market problems, great or bad.

Something else I wish to underscore in the graph above is the extreme divergence in efficiency in between gold and oil, which is trading at levels we have not seen in a lengthy while. Declines in oil have actually commonly welcomed massive selloffs in various other products, making gold’s resilience currently even more impressive.

China Eaten Nearly All of International Gold Result in 2015

Investors in China show up to acknowledge the value of gold in times of market unpredictability. Since June 2015, the Shanghai Compound Index has dropped near to 45 percent, triggering ratings of retail capitalists to pivot right into secure place possessions such as gold. As you could see below, 2015 was a blowout year for the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), which in the past has functioned as a great procedure of wholesale need in China.


Not only did gold shipments climb to a record variety of tonnes in 2015, they additionally stood for even more compared to 90 percent of the total global outcome of the yellow steel for the year.

The SGE has made it unbelievably simple for Chinese residents to take part in gold investing. Just recently it rolled out a smart device application, making it much more hassle-free than ever before to open an account and begin trading.

Gold Miners Are Winners of the Currency Wars

Gold priced in the strong U.S. dollar might have netted a loss in 2015, yet in many other components of the world, costs were either steady and even made gains. For customers of gold in non-dollar economic situations, it’s the neighborhood price that matters most, not the buck. In Russia, the third-largest producer, the steel rose 12 percent-and resembled an all-time high. In South Africa, the sixth-largest, it was well above the all-time high. Investors there read returns of more than 20 percent in 2015.


This has actually been useful to numerous mining business based outside the United States Workflow are paid for in local currencies-most which have damaged in the last year-but companies offer their production in UNITED STATE dollars. This has assisted balance out the decrease in gold rates since they came to a head in 2011.

Canadian-based business such as Claude Resources, Richmont as well as Agnico Eagle Mines are performing well, even in the gold bearish market as well as amid high volatility.

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For the last three years, gold miners across the globe have actually been completely beaten up. Today, they’re highly discounted, and also there are indicators that problems are stabilizing.

Managing Expectations

With the Fear Trade warming up, it is very important that we manage our expectations. The length and also degree of the current bear market, which began in September 2011, might seem extraordinary to numerous investors. In actuality, it does not veer quite much from exactly what we have actually seen in the past, according to information offered by the World Gold Council (WGC).

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Reaching back to 1970, the WGC identified 5 bull and also bearishness, with bull markets specified as periods when gold costs increased for longer than 2 successive years, bear markets as the succeeding durations when they fell for a sustained length of time. These lengths differ, the cumulative loss in each bear market is reasonably consistent, with mean returns at damaging 42.7 percent.

The present bear market, at unfavorable 44.1 percent, drops quickly within the realm of normalcy.

Further, the table recommends that a turn-around in gold rates is overdue.

Senate republicans are pushing a bill to rein in the allowances of former US presidents

Under a new expense suggested by a triad of Senate Republicans, former UNITED STATE presidents would certainly see their advantages covering traveling, personnel, as well as office cut substantially, in line with their post-White Property revenues. Former President Expense Clinton, for instance, would certainly zero out his allowance regarding 20 few minutes into his next half-million dollar talking engagement.

Little discovered in lawmakers’ rush of getting out of community recently, the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act of 2015, presented by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), would scale back the quantity of money former presidents receive for office, staff, and also travel expenses to $200,000 per year. That allowance would be further reduced by one dollar for each buck a previous president gains over $400,000 in a given year.

The costs, co-sponsored by presidential hopeful Marco Rubio (R-FL) as well as Mark Kirk (R-IL), would certainly not touch the pensions of previous head of states, presently $201,000 each year, or their Secret Solution defensive details.

president benefits, credit

However, it would target many of the little advantages that former presidents take pleasure in, from telecommunications solutions to workplace room. In Monetary 2014, for instance, the federal government appropriated $450,000 for previous head of state Clinton’s office room and $440,000 for workplace area inhabited by former Head of state George W. Bush.

“Taxpayers need to not be on the hook for subsidizing previous head of states’ lives to the tune of countless dollars,” stated Ernst. “Although this is a narrow product, this is an issue of recovering taxpayer trust by considering reforms in the allocations and advantages provided these former presidents who generate considerable earnings after leaving workplace. Each time when we are much more than $18 trillion in debt, it is critical that we stop chatting and start cutting inefficient spending.”

Rubio stated that while Americans should certainly reveal thankfulness to previous head of states for their service,” [T] axpayers no more require to foot the entire bill for all the endeavors head of states embark on after leaving office, which is why I assist Joni Ernst’s effort to reform the perks paid for to previous head of states.’

“In 2013, Presidents Clinton and also Shrub collected $2.2 million from taxpayers. I think the majority of Americans would certainly prefer to maintain that money in the treasury,” said Kirk.

While the media has actually been focused recently on the post-presidential incomes of Expense Clinton, who has actually generated tens of countless bucks in speaking charges, the former president likely to take the greatest favorite is George W. Bush.

Less his pension plan expenses, former Head of state Shrub set you back taxpayers $1.1 million in 2014. Clinton was a family member deal at $749,000. The least pricey previous head of state in 2014 was Jimmy Carter, whose expenses totaled $269,000 after his pension.

How to Save for a Trip to Europe

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It seems as though taking a trip throughout Europe is like an initiation rite. Whether you’re fresh from senior high school, retired, traveling to one nation or a number of, it’s an impressive location to start your journey as a vagabond.

Unfortunately, Europe can likewise be exceptionally costly. If traveling to Europe gets on your pail listing but you don’t quite have the funds to do it, take a look at these 6 tips to earn a legendary journey to Europe possible!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Europe’s cost implies you’re mosting likely to need to save rather a little bit before your trip. Obviously there are means to obtain around Europe without investing your life financial savings away (I once satisfied a person that invested just $700 throughout his 3 months in Europe, consuming only rice and also sleeping in train terminals to obtain around). Nonetheless I think many of us don’t prepare to travel like that.

This implies it’s time to roll of up your sleeves and reach work. Grab added shifts, ask your boss for overtime or work with additional tasks. If you can not get any added dough from your day task, inspect out these extra means you could generate income on the side!

Accrue Those Travel Points

I have actually claimed it prior to and I’ll claim it once again: gathering travel points is just one of the very best means to conserve loan for traveling. Of training course, I don’t suggest this choice if you can not pay your credit history card bills off regular monthly. Nevertheless if you have the ability to responsibly consolidate your financial debt each month, you can not only obtain factors from incentive register programs, however you can also accumulate points for every buck spent.

Point gathering is specifically useful in Europe. You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a city that does not have a resort chain that makes use of traveling benefit programs. Major cities like London, Paris, Berlin and also Stockholm are the home of a few of the ideal hotels on the planet, every one of which you could pay in points.

Know Where to Obtain the most effective Deal

Transportation throughout Europe could be pricey. That’s why it is very important to know where to find the very best deal. Sure, you may not get as much legroom or enjoy the rough trip, however it’s Europe, that cares!

  • Megabus
  • Wanderu
  • Skyscanner
  • Ryanair
  • Vueling
  • Rome2Rio
  • com
  • Hostelbookers
  • Hostel World
  • Airbnb
  • Hoteltonight

Invest in the Right Luggage

We all dream we had an old Louis Vuitton trunk full of French apparel and ornaments. Tough baggage is a great deal much more tough to travel with. It has the tendency to consider extra, it’s tough to navigate around rock streets and it can be a battle to pack the ideal amount of clothes.

If you’re traveling for a brief quantity of time, think about a carry-on bag. It will certainly conserve you a great deal of luggage charges and you won’t be in charge of way too many products. If you’re traveling much longer, think concerning a backpack! They’re less complicated to maneuver through multiple kinds of surface, can be cost-effective and do not evaluate as much. Below are some remarkable places to get a backpack:

  • Osprey Packs
  • Backpacks by Deuter
  • Gregory Mountain Products
  • REI

Consider Some of the More Affordable Countries

Did you know that you could see Budapest as well as invest less compared to $25 a day? Did you understand that holiday accommodation in Prague is very cheap? There are lots of countries in Europe (especially Eastern Europe), that is budget plan friendly. Some actually preferred, cost-effective nations consist of Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia and Spain.

So make a pitstop in Paris and be certain to take a look at London for an evening or 2. However invest some substantial time in these countries if you want to conserve a buck.

Prepare to Conserve Money When You Arrive

If you’re not able to spend a certain amount beforehand, make certain to maintain a reduced budget plan while you’re taking a trip. That sounds pretty difficult considering the amount of sites you wish to see and all of the foods you desire to try. Attempt some of these tips to make certain you’re saving loan on the road!

  • Travel during off-season (or at least prevent traveling to Europe in the summer)
  • Use local transport or walk
  • Use Lyft or Uber rather of a taxi
  • Eat at the neighborhood dining establishment and split entrees with your traveling companion
  • Try not to consume alcohol as well much alcohol
  • Get a neighborhood SIM card as well as phone instead of paying for data
  • Travel by night on a train (that means you can save at the very least one night of holiday accommodation)
  • Couchsurf or stay in a hostel
  • Make loan on the roadway with Grabr
  • Don’ t stay in the facility of the city when looking for accommodation

VOLATILITY EXPERT: Get ready for more extreme days in the market (SPX, SPY)

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The start to 2016 has actually been a wild ride for financiers in the marketplace, as well as it could be a sign of just what’s to come.

According to Todd Hawthorne, the lead portfolio manager at Boston Partners, the swings and volatility in the stock market of the previous couple of days are going to be the brand-new typical for 2016.

‘This is a resumption of stabilized volatility habits, as well as I anticipate it is exactly what we’re going to read going ahead,’ Hawthorne informed Business Insider.

Hawthorne’s firm has $72 billion in assets under management.

Hawthorne, who focuses on managing volatility, thinks that despite the usual presumption that even more swings misbehave for stocks, this is in fact just a return to normal. He keeps in mind that the lasting standard of the VIX index, which tracks volatility in the S&P 500, is regarding 20. (According to the CBOE, which developed the index, its standard given that 1990 is 20.02.)

In the previous three years the VIX has worked out in a much reduced band, stated Hawthorne, spending a bulk of the time in between 10 and also 15. In contrast, the VIX today has been in between a low of 25.43 on Tuesday to a high of 31.95 on Wednesday.

So while this week is above standard and one of the a lot more extreme movements of the marketplace in a while, after years of dampened volatility this could be a regression to the mean.

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Hawthorne thinks that anxieties concerning China and unstable power stocks need to both support the higher volatility this year, but suggests that the major perpetrator is the Federal Reserve.

‘The facility of a backstop from the Federal Reserve is gone,’ Hawthorne told us.

‘The teaching of no rate of interest changed the manner in which victim reviewed threat and also there wasn’t as much downside danger, which maintained volatility lower.’

This means, in Hawthorne’s point of view, that trouble or excellent news will certainly have a lot more effect on stocks.

‘There are now visiting be sharp responses to information. As the news circulation is available in victim are visiting respond to that even more significantly and also it will certainly move markets more compared to in years past,’ Hawthorne claimed. He indicated Apple as an example.

The stock has actually skated reduced over the past couple of weeks on news about cuts as well as disruptions in its supply chain. Hawthorne kept in mind that this isn’t a brand-new phenomenon – these issues were reported in 2014 too – today with rate of interest rising, investors have ‘changed their understanding of threat’ and also reacted differently.

This leads him to think that specific stocks, in addition to the remainder of the market, are visiting react even more dramatically going ahead. Not that this misbehaves news, stated Hawthorne, in truth it may end up being a positive for several economic institutions.

‘The resumption of a regular level of volatility as well as danger is a positive,’ he said. ‘It’s extremely hard to get victim to buy asset supervisors when you can merely obtain the same return by putting your cash in an index.’

For mom-and-pop financiers, nonetheless, it may be a little bit a lot more challenging. While there will be more stocks outmatching, it will certainly take more focus to find the appropriate names.

‘If you’re simply sticking your cash right into the marketplace, it’s visiting be harder,’ he claimed. ‘The indexes will not be the area to be.’

10 incredible places you can visit on $10 a day

cambodia angkor wat, credit score

When you combine all the costs that go into traveling, like air travel, hotels, food, taking in the sights and more, the idea of buying and checking out various corners of the globe could seem also expensive for the budget-conscious adventurer.

The great news is that some of the the most amazing and also one-of-a-kind international locations can in some cases be the most affordable.

Off the beaten visitor course, visitors could submerse themselves in new destinations without spending a lot of money.

Before planning your next international trip, continue reading to figure out just how these travelers saved money while vacationing around the world on plain dollars per day.

1. Cambodia

Visiting this Southeast Eastern gem is so economical that it has to be experienced to be believed.

‘Cambodia is the land of $2 dorm beds, 50-cent draft beers and also low-cost food,’ according to HostelBookers.

Even after considering expenses like admission to Angkor Wat, you ‘d be hard-pressed to invest greater than $20 a day here, baseding on the travel site.

When tourist Wes Rogers took a trip of Cambodia, a $5-per-night rate managed him guesthouse holiday accommodations with amenities equivalent to a high-end hotel. But it was dining where he conserved one of the most money. ‘With food carts and also noodle/curry houses being plentiful, consuming wonderful food cheap was the most convenient component,’ he said.

‘I concluded it was much cheaper to consume out in Asia than to cook at home– without a doubt,’ said Rogers. ‘For convenience’s purpose, I ‘d say I would certainly invest $1 per meal, occasionally $2 for supper. At the end of the day, you would certainly have a couple bucks left for a couple of beers,’ he said. ‘Not a bad life for $10 a day in some great, exotic locations.’

laos mekong river, credit

2. Laos

Laos is one more Southeast Eastern area where lodging can be located for under $10 and also food as well as drink for only a buck or 2, according to HostelBookers. ‘Laos is where you get one of the most bang for your buck,’ said Alex Gordon, a real estate professional from Oregon who took a trip to Laos. ‘When you acquire to a new town, discover where other backpackers may stay– or where a brick and mortar would recommend to a backpacker– and also hoof it around the location,’ he stated. ‘You’re going to find some amazing guesthouses for economical and also likely a lot more pleasant [than hotels]’

For food and also beverage, drink and eat as the citizens do, Gordon suggested. ‘Eat where you see the locals eating,’ Gordon said. ‘These are poor nations, so you won’t locate some Thai scarfing down pizza. Rice as well as chicken can be discovered inexpensive if you find the best place.’

Musicians on the beach in Jamaica, debt

3. Jamaica

‘Buying locally could stretch your budget plan,’ stated Keisha Blair, that traveled cheaply in premium-priced, tropical Jamaica during a sabbatical. ‘I located that when I bought imported foods, my meals costs was huge. 5 bucks to $10 each day is manageable.’

Blair suggested travelers cook their own meals. The simplest way is to simply lodge where the food is. ‘Decide to remain in an area where you could shop at the neighborhood market for fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare at house,’ she claimed. ‘Local fruits and veggies that are in period are exceptionally economical.’ Blair additionally kept in mind that picking cost effective transportation and rooming regarding household or good friends are essential to living the island life on a strict budget.

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4. China

The Chinese countryside is a lovely destination regarding numerous possibilities for savings, baseding on Thrillist, such as rooms for a lot less compared to $20 a day, food for $2 to $5 each dish and also regional city transportation for a lot less than a dollar.

Brett War handled to rent out a house in Shenzhen for much less compared to $5 each day and recommended keeping away from developing cities like Shanghai or Hong Kong if your spending plan is limited. As an alternative, go with places like Lijiang, Dali, Kunming, Guilin as well as Sichuan. Optimize your financial savings by rooming in hostels, not hotels, by booking much cheaper trip strategies via Chinese, not American, travel sites, and by preventing trips during Chinese holidays.

Unlike in the West, every little thing is flexible in China, according to Battle. ‘When buying mementos, barter down to half the rate,’ he claimed. ‘In China, no price is taken care of, as well as if they don’t approve your suggested cost, stroll away. They will normally stop you as well as approve your proposition.’

Fiji, debt reduction

5. Fiji

Fiji is a South Pacific nation of more compared to 300 islands with a track record for appearing expensive, according to Thrillist. The site advises skipping the $1000-a-night resorts for dormitory spaces, hostels or extensive guesthouses that choose $25 an evening rather.

Beaches are totally free, taking a trip the island is inexpensive and you can locate lovely, affordable websites to enjoy, such as the Taveuni waterfalls or the Nadi outdoor memento market.

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personal finance

6. Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is just as charming as Paris and Prague without the high costs or mobs of travelers, baseding on Thrillist. The traveling site recommends checking out Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova or the Balkans for their quaint appeal at a wonderful price.

‘I traveled to Lviv and Kiev, Ukraine, back in the summer of 2012,’ Stefanie O’Connell, writer of The Broke and Beautiful Life, claimed. ‘Despite the fact that the cities are significant facilities, everything is extremely cost effective,’ she said. ‘Beer as well as water are virtually the same price!’

O’Connell claimed her biggest cost savings approach was discovering affordable real estate via her network of family and also close friends. For travel setups, she stated that going the brick and mortar option whenever possible is best. ‘That suggests doing as much study as you can in advance so you have some context, however additionally being versatile to go regarding the flow as chances emerge upon arrival.’

granada nicaragua, refinance

7. Nicaragua

Costa Rica’s more budget-friendly– yet just as interesting– next-door neighbor in Central America is Nicaragua. Dorm beds could be had for a lot less than $10, street food is only a few dollars, and you can hike, enjoy the coastline or discover how to surf without looking at budget, baseding on HostelBookers.

While all that seems like enjoyable, Jeppe Rasmussen’s browse through to Nicaragua was for a more pressing factor. In April, he began an on-line crowdfunding job called Pinolero GO! to help money an area sports hub for youngsters residing in Pacayita. When it comes to his traveling expenditures, he said, ‘Nicaragua is simple to do on $5 to $10 a day if you being familiar with citizens and stick with them.’

Ko Tao, Thailand, credit solution

8. Thailand

Thailand offers sightseeing tasks for $15, budget resort spaces starting at $6, street meals for regarding $5 a day and also a cool beer for merely $2, according to Thrillist. Many remarkable websites in Thailand could be checked out and experienced on a little budget.

Sebastian Pertosi took a non-mainstream method– as well as count on the compassion of unfamiliar people– to find some great consumes in Thailand. ‘I discovered that seeing the street delays and also back-alley dining establishments as well as adhering to the crowds of residents was the finest means,’ he stated. ‘Thai people are quite pleasant, so if the menu isn’t really in English, there is typically a friendly local that will aid in allowing you recognize just what the food is– also appreciate that you exist trying it out.’

Bali, Credit Card Debt

9. Bali

Nestled in between the Indian and Pacific Oceans as well as Asia and also Australia, the Indonesian island of Bali is another charming, amazing area that can be visited economically. Baseding on Clayton B. Cornell, a full-time traveler which chronicles his journeys on his blog site, SpartanTraveler, checking out Bali is as very easy as investing regarding $20 each day. He leased a space in a personal guesthouse across the road from the beach for regarding $10 a night. ‘Cooking is usually not an alternative, as well as meals is so inexpensive– you can acquire a dish for $1.50 to $3– that it often doesn’t make good sense,’ Cornell wrote.

Jane Cui, a traveling blog owner for Down Under Diving, advised versus flying when checking out Asia and also Indonesia. She stated to travel via sleeper buses, which have bunk beds for overnight traveling at merely $10 to $20 per trip.

Halong Bay, Vietnam, credit score

10. Vietnam

Westerners are finding Vietnam as an essential social as well as historic destination that should not be neglected. From Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City, tourists are drawn to the country’s beaches, national forests, museums and also authentic cuisine. When spending time in Vietnam, travel light as well as traveling cheap.

‘The trick to conserving cash while traveling is traveling like a neighborhood,’ stated Rocky Horan of ‘As opposed to visiting resorts and also locations that deal with Westerners, do exactly what the citizens do. This consists of taking a brick and mortar bus solution or state-subsidized bus versus a bus reserved through a travel representative.’

‘The general public bus may take longer however will certainly be half the cost,’ he said. ‘When you reach your destination, seek spaces to lease and in your area handled hotels. Oftentimes in beach destinations, citizens will certainly rent out spaces in their properties for as little as $5 a night.’

You don’t have to postpone a desire holiday due to a small budget if you prepare your journey right. Look into inexpensive getaway locations as well as alternatives for transport, lodging and also food that could save you a whole lot of money. By tapping the ideal sources as well as doing a little research, you can experience the trip of a lifetime without going right into debt.

Why Renting is Better

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You’ve heard the expression countless times: Paying lease is like purging cash down the toilet.

I obtain it. There are strong reasons for buying a residence. I’m a property owner and can vouch for the fact that it offers my family members with even more stability, recognizing a landlord cannot kick us out. Acquired at the correct time and also in the appropriate place, a residence can likewise confirm to be a solid lasting investment.

But lately, the case for renting has actually been strengthening. If you prefer a transient lifestyle without any intents of sitting tight for numerous years, do not like trimming your personal grass, have negative credit score or every one of the above, own a home is possibly wrong for you … a minimum of, not appropriate now.

But you already knew this.

If you need more convincing, right here are some additional speaking factors. Feel cost-free to fire them back at home-owning good friends that toss you shade.

You could stay a lot more fluid during difficult times

Bank down payments – both in savings as well as inspecting accounts – have actually been rising. Thanks partially to a solid job market, some of us currently really have a little cash to conceal. Are all of us conserving for a residence down repayment? I presume not. Consumer self-confidence is deteriorating. We’re fretted about healthcare costs. We’re not exactly sure where the stock exchange is headed. The Dow Jones Industrial Aveage is up greater than 60% given that 2012. Just how much greater could it go?

For a lot of us, we’re conserving since we’re unsure what’s nearby. If you intend to remain fluid to much better handle possible bumpy rides ahead, linking your cash up in realty might not be the wisest removal right now.

There’s no “customer’s regret”

If you do not enjoy the apartment or condo you’re renting, good news: You could leave. You can either wait until your lease ends (typically within a year) or you can find a person to sublet your place. Worst instance circumstance, you could attempt to damage your lease. You might lose money in doing so, yet you can obtain your freedom back quicker than attempting to sell a home that you do not like.

And that’s the reality for numerous house purchasers today. A new survey by Trulia discovered that 44% of Americans have a remorse about their present residence or the process they experienced to when choosing it. One in 5 state a real estate purchase error they made in the past is currently holding them back from altering their current real estate situation.

The cost advantage of owning isn’t as strong

Is owning a home financially much better? That’s the standard wisdom, but the numbers typically aren’t accumulating as high. Trulia Economist Cheryl Young informed Loan Magazine lately that, “the economic benefit has actually tightened to the factor that in some places, for some families, the decision to rent out or acquire a residence might be as well close to call.”

That’s due to the fact that rental fee costs have plateaued in lots of markets, while home prices and interest rates have been rising, she continued.

To crisis the numbers as well as get an individualized break down of whether it’s economically advantageous to rent out or get in your neighborhood, have a look at lease versus buy calculators at as well as

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